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Services for oncology

IOM Ricerca is a unique body in the oncology field, due to its integration of research and diagnostics activities with clinics operations. The Research Centre directly insists on clinical activities and needs, and this feature represents the optimal way to meet the paradigma of translational medicine. Based on this scheme, our services stem from a long-lasting research story, on one hand, and from the concrete needs of clinics, on the other hand. This unique expertise is the ground for offering a broad and innovative range of diagnostics and research services for the oncologist.

Diagnostics services: Mutation profiles, NGS oncogene panels, Assays on demand, Liquid Biopsy, Histology and Cytology, Cytofluorimetry and Immunometric Assays

Research Services: Genomics and Proteomics, Sequeincing (NGS and Sanger sequencing), Biomarker Discovery, Bioinformatics, Animal Models (Mouse, Rat, Zebrafish), Xenotransplantation, Cell Models, Diagnostics Assays Development, Assay Validation, Clinical Trials, Drug efficacy and drug toxicity, Tissue microarrays, In vitro and  in vivo Imaging
Laser Microdissection

Oncology Diagnostics Service

We offer a broad range of diagnostic tests spanning from molecular diagnostics to pathology and cytofluorimetry.  With our test menu we aim to meet the needs of clinicians and other laboratories in the oncology diagnostics, offering a specialized, timely, tailored  and cost-effective support to our colleagues engaged in this rapidly evolving field.




Biotechnology Service For Oncology Research

In our certified structure, we offer a broad range of services, including either standard services based on rigorous quality procedures, and customized solutions for any specific research or service project as well. You can contact our staff for discussing the items you are interested in, and identifying the best solution to your research or service needs.
Through our logistics, our technical staff and infrastructure, our customers can rely on a direct assistance  in monitoring and tracking their samples and data, and in in translating their need in results.



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