Gruppo Samed

The Genomic unit of IOM Ricerca provide state of the art services thaks to its hight troughtput sequencing facilities and to its functional genomics platoforms. IOM Ricerca genomics DNA sequencing services can add satisfy every sequencing need, from single gene sequencing to target panels to whole genomes and transcriptomes to metagenomic analysis. Our services can optimize customers research providing solution to save time and money with robust and customizable analytic pipelines. With gene synthesis and genome editing technologies, IOM Ricerca offers solutions for the functional characterization of genes and genes' products for every individual needs from academic research to industrial projects.

Test diagnostici

Codice Test Tecnologia Descrizione Dettaglio
GS015 Analisi del microbioma / Metagenomica microbica NGS -
GS014 Quantificazione Real-Time PCR / Validazione Target RT -
GS013 Editing Geni/Genoma CRISP-Cas9 -
GS012 Sintesi dei geni Synthesis and cloning -
GS011 Genoma / Esoma a cellula singola NGS -
GS010 Trascrittoma a cellula singola NGS -
GS009 SNPs analysis Microarray -
GS008 Profilo miRNA RT-PCR -
GS007 Targeted NGS NGS -
GS006 Profilo di metilazione target S -
GS005 Profilo di metilazione - Metiloma Intero NGS -
GS004 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Trascrittoma Intero NGS -
GS003 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Genoma Intero NGS -
GS002 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Esoma Intero NGS -
GS001 Sequenziamento Sanger DNA S -
GS015 GS015 NGS Analisi del microbioma/Metagenomica microbica
GS014 GS014 RT Quantificazione Real-Time PCR/Validazione Target
GS013 GS013 CRISP-Cas9 Editing Geni/Genoma
GS012 GS012 Synthesis and cloning Sintesi dei geni
GS011 GS011 NGS Genoma/Esoma a cellula singola
GS010 GS010 NGS Transcrittoma a cellula singola
GS009 GS009 Microarray SNPs analysis
GS008 GS008 RT-PCR Profilo miRNA
GS007 GS007 NGS Targeted NGS
GS006 GS006 S Profilo di metilazione target
GS005 GS005 NGS Profilo di metilazione - Metiloma intero
GS004 GS004 NGS Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-Trascrittoma intero
GS003 GS003 NGS Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Genoma Intero
GS002 GS002 NGS Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Esoma Intero
GS001 GS001 S Sequenziamento Sanger DNA
GS001 GS001 S Sanger DNA sequencing